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Mrs M Dalladay school administrator
Edenbridge Primary School
High Street
Edenbridge, Kent
Tel: 01732 863787
Fax: 01732 863171
Mrs Valerie Viret headteacher
Tel: 01732 863787
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Click here to see our Ofsted Report of May 2013

which, inter alia, reported

"This is a good school", "pupils achieve well", "good teaching and reduced class sizes account for the good progress", "pupils behave well and have a good attitude to learning", "pupils enjoy a wealth of extra-curricular activities and are keen to make a positive contribution to the school and the wider community", and "all pupils are well prepared for secondary school"

A very warm welcome to Edenbridge Primary School.  We hope you will find lots of interesting information to inform you about our school, the activities and the people within it.

At Edenbridge all members of the school community work together to create a safe and secure working environment where every child is able to achieve the very best they can.  We all share a common set of values that we promote regularly through assemblies and in lessons.  These shared values ensure that we promote high standards of behaviour and ensure that the children achieve high standards of personal, social and intellectual development.

We are continually developing the curriculum to ensure that all of the children are able to achieve their full potential.  We have a full programme of educational trips and visitors to our school to provide a wide variety of experiences beyond the classroom.

We have very committed team of teachers who are supported by an invaluable team of support and administrative staff.  We also have very committed and involved governers who constantly support what we do, challenge us to do better  and help drive the school forward.  The school also has a wonderful PTFA which organises regular fund raising and social activities for us.

Edenbridge Primary School creates a positive and nurturing ethos.  OFSTED has reported as such and has found that the children enjoy coming to our school.  Our success is down to many factors but mostly it is down to our biggest asset – the children.  Why not visit us and see for yourself - you will be very welcome.



Mrs Valerie Viret










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