At Edenbridge Primary School we ensure that our assessment recording and reporting enables us to:

· help pupils understand what they can do and what they need to develop

· ensure teachers plan effectively in order to advance the learning process

· evaluate results and set suitable targets

The staff at Edenbridge Primary School use a wide range of strategies for assessing children’s learning, through continued professional development, observations, coaching, constructive feedback from lesson observations and work scrutiny to transform the policy into practice.
These strategies include:

· Observation – watching the children on task

· Working with guided groups

· Listening to, questioning/discussions with the children

· Photographing

· Examining children’s written/recorded learning

· Marking children’s learning

· Assessment notes for future planning

· Assessment for learning – next steps

· Traffic lights/discs/spots – assessment for understanding

· Formal testing to assess children’s skills and knowledge against standardised levels

· Work scrutiny

Statutory Assessment Tests (SATS) for Years 2 and 6
Children in year 6 take part in the KS2 SATs for reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation
and maths during a specific week in May. These tests are marked externally and the results reported
to the school and LA.

Children in year two take part in the KS1 SATs for reading, writing and maths in May. These tests are
marked internally and the results reported to the LA.