Green plants, Ourselves, One of our poems

These last two terms we have had great fun finding out about Green Plants and Ourselves. We planted, measured, looked, drew, measured, looked and drew again and again. We met Bony Tony and learned about the bones in our bodies and how they fit together. We found out about the symmetry of our bodies and symmetry in nature by carefully observing our faces and hands and following the life cycle of a caterpillar. We learned poetry and songs about our skeletons, parts of our bodies and our senses. Our assembly was all about Ourselves.

Here is one of the poems we presented:

We have two of everything,
Two eyes, two feet, two hands.
In perfect symmetry they sit,
Though neither one is king.

If we fold ourselves in two
We match each part for part.
A miracle of nature,
That makes me want to laugh.

Here is an example of a painting of a human skeleton.

Green plants, Ourselves, One of our poems

In History we have found out about houses of today and a hundred years ago. What they look like inside and out, and the sorts of objects that would have been used by people one hundred years ago like flat irons, mangles and dollies. We have made a flat iron out of card.

When we went to visit Penshurst Place On July 10th 2007 we looked at the house and how we could recognise it was old. We were able to try on armour, visit the gardens and find out about the type of toys children of a hundred years ago would have played with. They weren't so different from the toys we use today.

We've had a fabulous two terms and can't wait for the next.