Art Day – how we use different techniques

One of the highlights of the first term was Art Day. We printed contrasting hot and cold pictures, and these jolly penguins were made from black and white paper cut-outs stuck onto a painted background of icy blue. We enjoyed experimenting with different techniques; here the blue and white background was blended together by dragging cling film across the surface. Quite a few children found that cling film covered in paint tends to cling in all the wrong places!

Art Day - how we use different techniques

The Christmas term was dominated by our Nativity production "The Sleeping Shepherd". The story concerns a young man who saw an Angel and thought he must still be asleep! Everyone spoke their lines really clearly and the singing was beautiful. Luckily we all knew the songs so well that we were able to carry on singing with confidence even when the CD player went wrong and decided to stop independently of the script!