Learning about the seaside, electricity and the Diwali festival

Autumn term in 2S

What a busy and eventful term we have had! Our main topic this term has been learning all about the seaside. We found out the difference between the seaside now and in the past. We have looked at the different types of beaches there are and what animals and plants we would find there. To help us learn more about the seaside, we went to the Seven Sisters and did some rock-pooling.

We have also learnt about electricity, what needs electricity, how to be safe with electricity and we even made some circuits to make a lighthouse.

We really enjoyed ?Build a bridge? day and we came up with some really good bridges that carried the weight of a Troll.

We learnt how to celebrate Diwali by learning all about the story of Rama and Sita, made puppets to act out the story, made beautiful Rangoli patterns and made sweets. In the afternoon we got to watch some Indian dancing and we also joined in with them.

Now we are learning all about Christmas and are really looking forward to learning more maths during Chrismaths week.