Some of our work in Summer Term

The Lighthouse Keeper and the Postcard – A story by Lucy

One sunny Thursday, Mr Sam the Postman set off to see Mr and Mrs Grinling. Mr Grinling is a lighthouse keeper. Mrs Grinling is his wife. Every morning Mrs Grinling looks in the letterbox. One day Mr Sam the postman went to deliver a postcard to Mr Grinling, but as soon as he started to walk, a terrible thing happened. A tiny space creature went in the post-bag and looked around. When he saw Mr Grinling's postcard, he put an awful spell on it. As soon as the space creature went out of the bag, the postcard jumped out of the bag and started to run away from the postman! The postman was so shocked to see a postcard running that he ran after it. The postcard was going to Mr Grinling's lighthouse. He wanted to take Mr  Grinlings place. On his way he met a dog. The postcard told the dog, I want to take Mr Grinling's place, but do not tell anyone!

But before the postcard went on running, the dog asked the postcard, What is your name?

My name is Trouble.

Then he went off to Mr Grinling's lighthouse.

When Trouble reached the lighthouse he saw Mr Grinling and Mr Grinling saw Trouble, but before Trouble could push him, Trouble realised that the spell was wearing out. As soon as Trouble tried to run to Mr Grinling, he stopped. He could not move, not a single bit. Then he fell to the ground.

So that was the end of Trouble. When Mr Grinling saw the postcard he picked it up and read it and he said, Ah, that's nice of my friend Lucy, to send me a postcard.

Our trip to Hastings Aquarium by Brynn

Yesterday I went on a school trip and it was brilliant. We went to an aquarium and to the toy shop. I bought a badge, a bouncy ball and a toy fish. We ate our lunch on the beach.

When we were in the aquarium we went through the water tunnel. It had stingrays, clown fish, little sharks, a fish which looked like Dorey and a little fish with white spots. There were also some very colourful fish. I had a great day out.

Our Visit to Sackville School by Anna

Today we visited Sackville School. We went by coach. We watched a fantastic science show called The Bubble Show. It was very exciting. The presenters made different sized bubbles. We learnt that bubbles are almost always spheres. I blew three bubbles in one go!

We also saw a show called "A Journey into Space". We found out about trips to the moon and made rockets that we launched by blowing.

It was a great day. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the shows were exciting!

We read The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch in Literacy. We pretended to be one of the characters and wrote a diary entry about our experiences:

Dear Diary,

You will never believe what happened today! I was part of Mr and Mrs Grinling's scheme to chase away the pesky seagulls. I was forced into a tiny basket. But I just couldn't catch them. I felt that the rope was going to snap and I would drown! I felt seriously sea-sick. The seagulls were making fun of me and that made me feel down and blue.

Hamish the Cat

By Kayleigh

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I got a wonderful lunch from an unbelievable cook. It was the best lunch ever invented! I had to down it straight away! I was very impressed with myself because I caught such a lovely lunch. It couldn't have been better.

Tom the Seagull

By Harry