The Ancient Greeks, Caribbean Book Week

We have had a fantastic spring term, taking part in a wide variety of stimulating and challenging activities.

Greek Day

3/4 H went back in time two thousand years, to experience daily life in Ancient Greece. We tasted Greek food, made theatrical masks for tragedies and comedies and we took part in the Olympic Games! The girls even had to prepare food to serve to the boys.

Take a look at our photograph and see how great we look as Ancient Greeks! There are more photographs to see on the Gallery page.

The Ancient Greeks, Caribbean Book Week

Caribbean Week

During book week, Edenbridge Primary chose the theme of the Caribbean. 3/4 H took part in an array of activities and learnt many things about the group of islands. Take a look at the list below to see what we got up to:

  • We played Caribbean steel drums.
  • We learnt about how fairtrade is used in St.Lucia.
  • We created shape poems, inspired by the animals in the Caribbean.
  • We listened to traditional Caribbean story telling.
  • We transformed into travel agents and advertised the Caribbean.

As you can see we have had a busy spring term, we are now looking forward to an ever busier summer term!