Ancient Greeks,Dover Museum and Caribbean Book Week


3/4L have recently enjoyed the most action-packed term so far! We became fully submerged in our ?Ancient Greeks? topic. During our ?Greek Day?, we came to school dressed as Ancient Greeks and did the following:

  • ate Greek food
  • learnt how to write in Ancient Greek
  • made clay pots
  • created theatrical masks
  • took part in the Olympic Games

As you can see from the picture, we had a huge amount of fun and started to empathise with the Ancient Greeks.

Ancient Greeks,Dover Museum and Caribbean Book Week

We also went on our School Trip to Dover Museum. Here, we learnt what an archaeologist does and took part in a drama workshop to find out more about life in Ancient Greek times.

In addition to our history, we have looked at ?Weather around the World? and have just begun to explore the amazing world of Roald Dahl.

Along with the rest of the school, we also took a huge amount of pleasure from our Caribbean-themed Book Week. We explored the language of the Caribbean through poetry, created artwork inspired by the poetry and wrote instructions on how to find treasure on a Caribbean island.

We have now begun to practise our musical piece for the Spring Music Festival. We hope you come and enjoy it!