Using the Giant Maze to help us in Numeracy, Visiting Eden Valley Museum to learn about local history

Autumn Term 2008

We had a Giant Maze delivered to school for us to use in one of our Maths lessons.

Our first challenge was to get the maze set up. Jack, Emily, Amy and Liam did this.

We then had great fun trying to work out the solution to the maze. We had to cross bridges and go through tunnels to find our way out.

Eventually some of us were able to find the best route.

Whilst we were waiting for our turn, there were lots of games, puzzles and problem solving activities related to mazes in a big bag called The Treasure Chest that we could play with.

Our topic was all about Edenbridge and how it has developed over time. To help us find out more, we went to the Eden Valley Museum. We saw a lot of pictures and artefacts that taught us a lot about Edenbridge in the past, including what shops there were, all about the schools and the floods during the 1960's.

We also had the chance to take part in an ICT control afternoon called Days of Wonder. We learnt how to program a robot. First we had to input instructions into a computer and then download the information to a robot. The robot then did what we had asked it to do. We had to program the robot to follow a route on a map. It took us several attempts and we had to keep on adjusting our instructions. It was quite difficult but very exciting.