6Fr's Charity Fund Raising Event

Reported by- Luke Thexton, Harry Cross, Sami Philcox & Andrew Yates

Edenbridge Primary School's first fundraising event for the Molly and Paul foundation raised £124.

On Friday 2nd November, 6Fr made a super start to this year?s charity fundraising effort. They held a charity event to raise their £15 for the monthly sponsorship of a pupil at one of the Molly and Paul schools which house and educate orphaned and destitute children in Uganda. There were a number of different stalls run by pupils of 6Fr, Miss Franklin and some parent helpers. The main event was a cake sale with cakes that were donated by the children in the school. This proved to be a popular stall. An eyewitness said ?One minute it was quiet, the next minute we were bombarded by hungry customers!?

There was a Treasure map stall that had a prize of Haribo sweets which was won by Mrs Garcia.

Guess the name of the teddies was won by Mrs Rainbow from the Nursery, who correctly guessed the names of both teddies as Angela and Rory.

Molly?s card game provided lollies for all the lucky people who picked a winning card from the pack.

A drawing competition was won by Holly in year 4 and Isabella in year 1. They each won a packet of sweets.

Winners of Guess the celebrity won lollies for correctly naming 7 celebrities.

There was also a craft stall with bracelets handmade by Jess Brydges 6Fr and magnet making.

Throughout the charity event visitors were entertained by tap dancing performed by Riley Smith, piano playing by George Johnson and fabulous magic tricks performed by Harry Garcia and George.

The event was attended by a large number of people who gave very generously. 6Fr managed to raise a total of £124. This money will be used to pay for the sponsorship and to buy some materials requested by the school themselves. Their e-mail response on finding out about the funds raised is copied below.

Dear Miss Franklin,

Thank you so much for your kind and very moving e-mail. May God bless you and the children for sponsoring a bursary for a needy child and extra money for other things. When we shared this wonderful news with other staff members, they came up with a suggestion to use your donation towards buying some of the badly needed text books. The choir will be flying out for Uganda tonight. Your e-mail arriving on this final day will remain a major farewell send off. Please give our love and appreciation to the children and members of staff.

Yours faithfully,

Molly and Paul