Edenbridge,Using powerpoint in ICT,Composing poems,Eco facts, the Tudors

Welcome to class 6T. We are a small friendly class of 22 children and our teacher is called Mrs Turner. We have had a busy, but enjoyable, time recently and we have been working hard in all areas of the curriculum. Here is a flavour of some of the learning we have undertaken over the past few months:

In Geography we have been learning about the town of Edenbridge. We have been on a tour of the town, visited the local museum and made detailed drawings of the famous Eden Bridge.

Did you know that the first bridge to be built over the river Eden was built in the 10th Century by a Saxon Abbot named Eadhelm and was called Eadhelmes Bridge?

In our ICT lessons we have extended our knowledge of using Powerpoint, Word and how to program lego robots. We are now in the process of designing individual webpages which when competed, will be put onto this website so watch this space!!!

In Literacy we have written poems using similes, metaphors and personification. We have also written stories and learned about journalistic writing, including radio broadcasts.

We also had an eco day and looked at three different meals and were surprised at the number of miles the food travelled to get to our plates. We thought of ways we could reduce the food miles and shared our ideas with some parents, as we are keen to help reduce our use of energy and fuel to help save our planet.

This term we are learning about Tudor Life and Tudor Explorers and are looking forward to attending an Armada day at Penshurst Place, where we get to participate in 7 activities to help learn about life in the Tudor times.

Later this year we are all looking forward to our Adventure holiday at Swattenden.