Different genres in writing,how mountains are formed

6Fo have had a really busy Autumn Term 1! In literacy we have been reading and writing stories of different genres. Our favourite genre seems to be ?horror? ? can you guess why?!

As part of our genre work we also wrote an Adventure story for the Harvest Festival service. Our story was about Aaron Acorn who goes on an adventure on his first day of school. The moral of the story was that everyone needs care, love and attention in order to grow and achieve their potential; therefore we need to look out and care for each other much more than we do.

Added to all this, we have also spent some time learning about mountains. We learnt about where mountains can be found, what they look like, how they?are formed and what people do on them. We then conducted our own research and created a fabulous display. Please come and see it in the classroom before we change it at Christmas.