What's in the news,Singing the Blues,Caribbean Book Week, Robot Day, Fundraising for Bruno

In 6Fo we have had a fantastic spring term with lots of exciting things happening.

In the first part of the term, our learning focused around What's in the News. We spent time reading and watching news articles, learning about different events around the world and the countries that they were happening in.

In Music we were learning all about Blues Songs. We enjoyed listening to lots of different songs and we even wrote our own, based on events we had been learning about in the news. We performed it during the Spring Music Festival – it sounded great.

In the second part of the term, we really enjoyed learning about the Caribbean during Book Week. We all dressed up on the first day (Mrs Fowler included) and created stories based on the characters that we came as. We also spent some time creating and designing shelters for if we ever got shipwrecked on a Caribbean Island. We created our shelters using materials that we might find washed up on a beach and then we tested them against the wind and rain to see which one would be most effective. Here is a photo of us working on our Shelters.

A particular highlight of the term was our Robot day. A man from a company called Days of Wonder came in and taught us how to programme robots to do different tasks. We learnt how to make the robot travel around a maze and we learnt how to use the robots sensors to make it stop before it crashed in to the wall! Some of the photos of us testing out our programmes can be seen on our Gallery page.

On April 3rd we held a fundraising Extravaganza. This was to raise money to help pay for the school's sponsorship of Bruno, our friend, who is six years old and attends an orphan school in Uganda . We put on a show of all the dances and songs we have been learning throughout the term and charged parents money to come and watch. It was a great success and we raised over £100 which will be sent to Bruno's school in Uganda where it will help to make a much needed difference for Bruno and all the other children.. Again, some of the photos can be seen on our Gallery page.