TERMS 5 & 6 2013



During terms 5 and 6, Nursery and Reception had their school trips. Nursery went to the Fire Station and went swimming at the Leisure Centre; this was well attended and we had positive feedback from parents. Reception went to Ladyland Farm, where the children were able to feed the animals, play on the tractors and a large haystack. This was a great addition to their Farm Topic.

The Reception children enjoyed their Sports Day where they were able to show their parents the skills they have learnt throughout the year. They enjoyed a picnic on the field afterwards also.

Nursery parents saw a new kind of Sports Day where the children had an obstacle course to complete and then a running race followed by an egg and spoon race. The parents also enjoyed their own race. Reception teachers visited their new children at their nurseries and parents were given the opportunity to come in and meet their child’s new teacher. The children also came in for a taster afternoon which was well attended. To continue building upon the relationships that we have built with the children in our own nursery each Reception teacher planned for a story session which then took place in a morning and afternoon session, to ensure all the children had the opportunity to meet their new class teacher.

In term 6 the children started to prepare for Y1 by visiting a year 1 class for the afternoon and also by leaving school through the KS1 area at the end of the day.

The children enjoyed taking part in the Whole School trip to Penshurst Place.

At the end of Term 6 each Reception child took part in a class assembly which was well attended by parents and family members.



This term was very busy for Key Stage 1, with many exciting learning opportunities and engaging activities for the children. The term started with a Parents’ Information meeting to introduce the new creative curriculum topic of ‘Our Town.’ Both Year 1 and 2 classes enjoyed following the Town Trail, which the previous Year 5 and 6 pupils created in association with Edenbridge Chamber of Commerce.


The topic for Term 6 was ‘Africa.’ Throughout the Summer Term we included many child-initiated activities to engage the children in their own learning. The children enjoyed participating in an African Drumming Workshop. Year 2 wrote descriptive poems about African animals which they then presented to the volunteers at the local Oxfam shop. The volunteers kindly displayed the children’s work in their shop window. Year 1 raised money for Bruno through an African Extravaganza which parents were invited to attend.



We had Teaching and Learning focuses throughout the term; for example:  ‘perseverance.’ We took each one in turn to try and understand how to use these to help our learning journey. 


In June we held Science Week, with a focus on Invention and Discovery. All classes were engrossed in a fantastic Science Boffins Assembly, which included explosions, elephants’ toothpaste and many more weird and wonderful experiments. Each class then had the opportunity to create a range of simple machines during individual class workshops.


In July the Circus visited us to celebrate our ‘Good’ Ofsted outcome. Although it was meant to coincide with Sports Day, due to the weather Sports day was postponed. Despite this, the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed learning many Circus skills and tricks such as; walking the tightrope, riding a unicycle and juggling. The postponed Sports Day was well attended by parents and carers and was an enjoyable morning for all.


During Term 6, Parents and Carers were invited to watch their child’s class assembly to celebrate their achievements and present work. The assemblies were cross curricular and well attended.


Once again the ‘Whole School Trip’ was a success! The children very much enjoyed spending the day at Penshurst Place. The children went on a nature trail, played in the adventure playground, walked around the beautiful gardens and visited the Toy Museum.


Other exciting events this term included The NED show, Rail Safety Day and the Summer Fayre,



In term 5, the main topic for Year 3 was the Vikings.  The children did lots of research, using ICT as well as books, linking the topic to their literacy and guided reading lessons.  They also created a Viking village and made Viking money containers. 


During the term they also had two visiting artists who came every Friday afternoon for four weeks.  They were working with the children to produce imaginative and oversized plants for an Alice in Wonderland exhibition at the Edenbridge festival.  They showed the children how to use charcoal, oil pastels, acrylic paints and allowed them to experiment with printing, using leaves.  Over the weeks the children had great fun and many opportunities to experiment with different materials and equipment, all the time developing their artistic skills.  Their final products were on show in the High Street during the festival and are now on display near the new Year 1 classroom.


For the final term, the main topic In Year 3 was ‘Changes in Edenbridge’, specifically the relief road being built and how Edenbridge has changed since.  The children visited the museum in town, and had a lesson from the curator.  They enjoyed seeing scale models, photographs, plans and newspaper articles related to the event.  They were impressed also with the amount of artefacts that were dug up during the clearing of the land. The classes interviewed people who were living in Edenbridge while the relief road was created and heard varying opinions on the outcome of the project.  Both classes went on trips into the town to carry out vehicle count surveys on different roads, allowing them to compare and contrast road use, in and around the town.  We linked this project to other subjects, including literacy and numeracy.


In Year 4 the children looked at the Tudors and Tudor explorers.  Through this topic the children were able to incorporate their story writing.  The children became authors and researched what life would have been like on aboard a Tudor Explorer's ship and what it would have been like growing up in a Tudor village.  They then applied this knowledge to create an adventure story about a child who runs away from home to become an explorer.  The children designed and made Tudor houses.

The children enjoyed a visit to the local library where they found out how to use the computers to help with homework and how to order any book that they would like to read and the library would order it for them.

As part of Kent Food Week a number of children were chosen to represent the school to go and work with the chef at the kitchen in the community centre.  This was a very positive experience for them and they learnt about healthy eating and cooking meals from scratch. The children made flapjacks, pasta sauce and smoothies.


Confederation Bridge Class took part in the Go-Givers challenge. The issue they choose to explore was colony collapse disorder.  They called their project 'Save the Bees' .  Twelve children travelled to Bore Place to make a presentation to other schools from the area and to the Kent Chamber of Commerce.  They also had a stall at the Summer Fayre.  The children made lots of different bee related products to sell.  They set up and managed the stall and they raised over £60 which will go towards the wild meadow that is being planned for the school grounds.

Year 5 had an excellent end to the school year. The children studied the  topics, ‘The Tudors’ and ‘Tudor Explorers’ and were able to link this into their school trip to the Tower of London earlier in the year. Their class assembly was based on a play retelling the Story of Henry VIII and his six wives. 

The children took part in a Knex Control Day, and were able to use their ICT skills to work in a team to build and control different working models.

In Literacy the children spent time looking at recounts and were able to write about their own experiences when the circus came to school! They enjoyed learning new skills including juggling, riding a unicycle and even walking a tightrope!

The children were also privileged to work with a sports coach for five weeks of Kwikcricket coaching.  Ten members of the Year 5 were chosen to represent the school in a Sevenoaks district tournament. All children demonstrated great team spirit and worked well to support each other on the day.

Finally to end the year, the children thoroughly enjoyed the whole school trip to Penshurst Place and particularly enjoyed exploring the Gardens.

Year 6 spent terms 5 and 6 planning, organising and running their fundraising project ‘Operation Ice’ in order to raise enough money to go to Chessington as their leavers’ trip. Through selling ice creams, running games and raffles they raised enough money to fund the coach, Chessington tickets, their leavers’ BBQ and to even contribute some more money to our Bruno fundraising. They used their literacy and numeracy skills throughout the fundraising to advertise, calculate the cost of the trip and calculate profit and loss throughout.


In Literacy, Year 6 spent much of Term 6 creating their own animated picture books. They analysed a number of their favourite childhood picture books and then wrote their own stories for a specific target audience within the school. Using Powerpoint and ZU3D the children then created their own animations for each page of their picture books. Once completed they arranged times in different classes to lead story time in order to present their animated stories.


Throughout term 6 Year 6 were lucky enough to work with a secondary school teacher once a week who came in to answer their questions and to teach a typical ‘year 7 style’ ICT lesson. This was both an enjoyable and informative session for the children.


Finally the musical was a great success. Every member of Year 6 appeared on stage during ‘What a Knight’.  They presented two really good performances for the afternoon matinee and evening performance. This was then celebrated the next day by their trip to Chessington World of Adventures which they thoroughly enjoyed, whilst representing the school very well.

KS2 Sports day went well despite the heat. Whitmore won overall but all the children made a superb effort. They showed good sportsmanship and worked well in their teams.


As an OFSTED celebration Year 6 (along with the rest of the school) enjoyed a circus workshop in which they learnt how to juggle, ride unicycles etc.

To end the year KS2 (again with the rest of the school) enjoyed a lovely day at Penshurst Place in the sunshine. They had a fun packed day involving nature walks, museum visits, lots of time on the adventure playground and eating ice creams!