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Some of us from Year 5 and 6 became interested in podcasting and setting up a website School Radio Station. We are very busy with lessons in school thus it is difficult to work on a project like this in the normal school day. So we attended an after school club once a week to learn about the new computer software and equipment that we will be using to produce our shows. Our first shows are now ready and please click on the head-phone icons in the show details to download and listen. You will need a player, such as Windows Media Player or Quicktime, installed on your computer to play the mp3 files we use. As the files are quite large you really need to have a broadband connection – please be patient – the shows are worth waiting for.

At the start the DJs downloaded some podsafe music (music which the artists kindly make available free of charge and free of copyright) and linked this to the personal avatar images that we have chosen for the club. We hope you like it and you can listen by scrolling down and then clicking on the Team's images shown below.

We have produced a number of shows now for our friends in school. In the meantime we would really like to hear what you think about our shows. You can e-mail us by clicking on the e-mail icon below and then typing EDENfm in the box that says "your childs class" before typing your message. Thanks for listening.


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RemembranceRemembrance. In planning and producing their Remembrance Day podcast the Radio Team wanted to include the local community in Edenbridge, as well as the children in school. Therefore they thought of the reasons why the War Memorial at Edenbridge Hospital was built and have included the names of some of the people who are remembered on that monument. They hope that listeners to their podcast will take time to think about the true meaning of remembrance.


DJ Skullduggery and DJ Superstar's Endangered Animals show about the TigerClick to view Tiger videoThe Tiger an Endangered Animal. As a result of what they learnt about the endangered Polar Bear, whilst working on the Arctic Voice Project, the DJs have been researching facts about other animals under threat. In this show DJ Skullduggery and DJ Superstar tell you what they have learnt about the Tiger, recount some amazing facts and explain the meaning of some new words.They also introduce you to EDENtv. Click on the TV icon to view an amazing Tiger video.


DJ EA and DJ Superstars' report and interviews about the Arctic Voice ProjectThe Arctic Voice Project. Some of our children were fortunate to be able to attend an Arctic Voice Project update and workshops held at Chiddingstone Castle in Kent. DJ EA and DJ Superstar interviewed Mr Glenn Morris, the Project Leader, and one of the other children attending. Listen to their really interesting broadcast and hear what they think we can all do to help save the Arctic environment. Log on to the Arctic Voice website at to find out the latest news.


DJ Skull and DJ TJ's show about the work they did with new friends from Slade School, Tonbridge at the Arctic Voice Project workshop at Chiddingstone Castle.The Arctic Voice Project. DJ Skull and DJ TJ joined in a media workshop to show new friends from Slade School, Tonbridge how they use Audacity software to produce their radio shows. The children from Slade then produced short "infomercials" to highlight the serious effect that climate change is having on the life of the polar bear. Listen to the DJ's account of the day and the "infomercials" that were recorded.


DJ Skullduggery and DJ Superstar's's Big Thank You Christmas Request ShowSkullduggery and Superstar's Christmas Show. D.J Skullduggery and D.J.Superstar have produced a great Christmas request show, full of seasonal music and jokes, to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has helped the children. From the teaching staff through to the people in the local community who support all our fund raising events. HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY.


DJ Skull and D.J.TJ's Swinging Christmas Request ShowSkull and TJ's Christmas Show. DJ Skull and DJ TJ play all your favourite music and tell you some cracking?? jokes to get you in the mood for Christmas. They play requests for Sophia in 6F, Josh in 6F, Mrs Wright, Luke in 5W, Isla in 5W, Mr Wakeman and Emma in 6F. A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OUR LISTENERS


DJ EA and DJ Snoopdog's Fantastic Christmas Request ShowEA and Snoopdog's Christmas Show. DJ EA and DJ Snoopdog have put together a great mix of music and jokes to get your Christmas off to a good start. They play requests for Billy in 1BL,Kelly in 5W,Mrs Dalladay, Mrs Hunter,Sarah in 6T,Megan in 5W,Tyler in 6F,Hollie in 5W and for all our school friends in Uganda,St.Lucia and Germany. HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.


Eco Show 2008Eco Show. One of the DJs is also a member of the Eco Council and has been telling the other DJs how we will build on our Eco School status. They all thought that this would make an interesting and informative programme that would help everybody in the local community to be involved. They enjoyed researching and preparing scripts and carrying out their first interviews. This part of the production they classed as really "cool".



 DJ EAHi I'm DJ EA and I have joined the team producing EDENfm because I would like to produce special events like shows for Christmas, Easter and Birthdays. We are planning a music request show for Christmas and it sounds really exciting. Click on my avatar picture to listen to one of the pieces of podsafe music we might use in a special show.


DJ SkullHi I'm DJ Skull and I have joined the team producing EDENfm because I love music, especially Queen, McFly and Arctic Monkies. I also like science and hope to produce some science shows to help the other children. Click on my avatar picture to listen to one of my favourite pieces of podsafe music. Its called "CCmixter" by Code and thanks to the website for allowing us to use the music.


DJ SkullduggeryHi I'm DJ Skullduggery and I have joined the team producing EDENfm because I like working with computers, new programs and electronics. Once we have learnt about using Audacity to make our radio shows I would like to produce a tutorial so that other children can join in. Click on my avatar picture to listen to a piece of podsafe music I might use as background in my show. It is called Slanted Voices by DoKashiteru from and thank you for allowing us to use the music.


DJ SnoopDogHi I'm DJ SnoopDog and I have joined the team producing EDENfm because I like talking to people and I think we can make some interesting newscasts. I also want to be involved in a request show. Click on my avatar picture to listen to some podsafe music I like. It is called Whizbanger by Morgantj from who kindly let us use the music.


DJ SuperStarHi I'm DJ SuperStar and I have joined the team producing EDENfm because I like listening to the radio and I want to entertain the listeners to our school podcast radio. Click on my avatar picture to listen to some podsafe music I like. It is called Overboard by docster from who kindly let us use the music.


DJ TJHi I'm DJ TJ and I have joined the team producing EDENfm because I love performing arts and listening to all types of music, but not classical. I would like to produce some radio plays and to interview people.. Click on my avatar picture to listen to some good podsafe music I have found. It is called Beginnings and Endings by George Ellinas and comes from who kindly allow us to use the music.