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Healthy and Eco Schools

Edenbridge Eco Champions

Scroll down to read about the childrens Eco activities and to see presentations on some of the work they have undertaken so far.

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We have been awarded National Healthy Schools Status and we are very proud of this recognition of our achievements so far.

We are committed to ensuring the healthy development of our pupils and staff and aim to provide a healthy setting for living, learning and working. As well as promoting physical health we are concerned about the social and mental well-being of the whole school.

We have encouraged a healthier lifestyle through a number of new initiatives, including:-

  • the introduction of individual water bottles in the classroom.
  • The introduction of new games in the playground.
  • The introduction of new school meal menus in partnership with Principals our catering providers offering nutritious healthy and balanced fare.

Scroll down to read more about Principals and to view the menus on offer this current season.











 Some of our Year 4 children took part in a national competition organised by Go Givers. Go-Givers has been developed in the belief that our children's education should have its basis in a philosophy of personal responsibility, mutual respect and concern for the world we live in. Its purpose is to create 'Ripples of care across the World' by means of educating children to care for their family and friends and about issues relating to the local, national and global communities.. As many of you will know Year 4 have been looking at intensive farming. They have become strong advocates of Free Range eggs and Freedom Foods,produced on farms where living conditions for the animals are much kinder. The children prepared and presented their findings to the judging committee in April 2012, organised by the Cabinet Office’s ‘Go Givers’ initiative, alongside other Kent schools and, as the winners, were chosen to represent Kent and invited to present their case at the House of Lords in July 2012.

Well done to Mrs Short and Confederation
Bridge Class.

Edenbridge Eco Champions

What is Eco-Schools?

Eco Schools is a programme that encourages us to care for our school environment by becoming aware of sustainable development issues. These include Litter, Waste Minimisation, Transport, Healthy Living, Energy, Water, School Grounds and Global Citizenship.

What does sustainable development mean?

Sustainable development means meeting our needs today without affecting the needs of future generations. We can all be sustainable and environmentally aware by making sure we do simple things like turning off televisions and computers rather than leaving them on standby.

The Awards

The first two levels of the Eco-Schools award are the Bronze and Silver Awards. The top level of award is the Eco-Schools Green Flag.

The Eco Committee at Edenbridge Primary School

At Edenbridge Primary School we have an Eco Committee in place to guide the other children in all aspects of environmental issues and to help the School gain and maintain the Eco Schools awards.In 2012 we were very pleased to have the childrens hard work recognised by the award of the premier Green Flag status. The Eco Committee meet at least once a month to discuss how to make the school more sustainable. The members drew up the School's Eco Code shown below which is followed by the children all across the school. Click on the links below to see power point presentations prepared by the Eco Committee on some of the work undertaken so far.

At Edenbridge Primary School we always.

Care for our school grounds, looking

after plants, animals and keeping them

litter free.

• Use our recycling points to recycle paper,

cartridges, bottle tops, pens, batteries,

mobile phones and old clothes.

• Turn off lights and computers to save

energy and turn off taps to save water.

• Get involved in caring for the

environment and living a healthy lifestyle

• Encourage our families and the

community to be aware of all these

environmental issues