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On this page we have included links to a number of Numeracy websites which can be accessed at home. The content is mainly made up of games which the children will enjoy playing whilst increasing their understanding of the various strategies they are learning at school.

We recognise and welcome the important part that parents play in their childrens' education by extending the learning environment into the home. We very much hope that these activities will help you work together with your children. If there is any further information or advice which you may need then please do have a word with the class teacher or send us an e-mail, using the Enquiry Form facility, marking your message for the attention of the Numeracy Co-ordinator.

Whilst every effort is taken to ensure that only the highest quality links are placed on this site, the school is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites. Their inclusion on this site is not an endorsement by the school of any information, goods or services that they may provide. As always, we recommend that no child surf the Internet alone.

Click to view nrich maths site

Nrich A Cambridge University project which aims to enrich the mathematical experience of all learners. Lots of problems,articles and games are included with a different mathematical theme being highlighted each month.

Click to view Woodlands Junior School Maths resources site

Woodlands Junior School A superb set of activities put together by Woodlands Junior School who kindly let us link to their site and make use of the resource. 

Click to view BBC Numeracy site

BBC Learning School The BBC's educational website with lots of activities and games. There is also a Parents Page explaining the activities and providing further information and advice

Click to view Coxhoe Primary School Numeracy Resource site.

Coxhoe Primary School A superb set of activities put together by Coxhoe Primary School who kindly let us link to their site and make use of the resource.