Progress, Tracking and Evidence

Learning Journey – Every child will have a learning journey when they start in the nursery

  • It is like a scrapbook of progress which is ongoing throughout the year and feeds into reception as an assessment tool. 
  • The nursery staff will add achievements to this book. 
  • It will document your child’s ‘wow’ moments and compliment your child’s unique story which will be completed three times a year. 
  • We value parent relations and we encourage parents to contribute to their child’s learning journey with photos or 'post its' that show achievements they have made at home.

Unique Stories – Every child will receive three unique stories per year.

Each unique story will comprise of the parents thoughts, the childs thoughts and the thoughts of the practitioner. ‘My Unique Story’ provides records of learning, development and well-being for each child.

Unique stories aim to:

  • Build a picture of the child
  • Capture the uniqueness of every child
  • Ensure that parents have a clear picture of their child’s progress
  • Enable practitioners to understand the child’s needs and plan activities to meet them in the setting
  • Enable parents to understand their child’s needs
  • Supports smooth transition